About the Wheatland Congregation of the Church of God Wyoming

A Church of God Congregation meets in Wheatland most every week.   www.daveantion.com For Live Videocast

You can hear live services (Anywhere in the World) with Guardian-Ministries each Saturday by dialing a number on the phone and listening in to the TeleSermon on a conference call.  To Dial in Just Dial (in USA) 267-930-4000 Then when you hear the conference operator put this number in = 243053789# (Be sure to put the # sign in after entering 243053789# ).   The time is 10:30 a.m. Pacific or 11:30 a.m. Mountain Time weekly.

or:   Go to www.guardian-ministies.org for live video streaming at the same above time and see the full service live each Saturday.

The Wheatland Church of God is a small group with a purpose.
    The people realize the profound need for all of us to become more like Jesus Christ!  If we thoughtfully, prayerfully study Jesus' human life and teachings - and meditate on them - then we can "reflect" him more in our daily lives. 

    We understand the need to conscientiously copy the love, the kindness, the spirit of service and sacrifice that Jesus exemplified so powerfully.   We understand the need to beseech God to send His Son to literally Live within us through the Holy Spirit.    If we have this Christ-like approach it will help us to serve others more.  It will give us inner peace and joy, and will help us "heal" a lot of personal and family problems that might otherwise seem insurmountable, and will better prepare us for the Kingdom of God.

    It is all of our part to continually and prayerfully involve ourselves in doing our part in the Work of God,  fellow laborers with Jesus Christ.  For Jesus commanded His disciples, "Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature" (MK 16:15)  

    We believe that we should all specifically try to prepare ourselves today.    We should concentrate on studying God's Laws and Statutes as set forth in Exo. 20-24, in Lev 10-27 and in Deut 12-27.  Then we must study carefully the the principles of how Christ  "Magnified" the law in Mat 5-7 and how it was also magnified throughout the entire New Testament; how He lived and how we can follow His example and what he did.

    It is our belief that our ultimate GOAL  is that of becoming a Spirit-born child of God in the Kingdom or Family of God throughout all eternity.  We realize God is trying and testing all of us in many, many different ways - prior to granting us His own awesome power.

Anyone is welcome to meet with us and share these common goals. You are invited to attend.

Call 307-322-3129 in Wheatland (Webmaster)