Inconveniences...Not the Same as Postponements
By Jarvis Windom


Postponing in the form of 7/19 (That means 7 years out of the 19 years) and the added month is not the question of postponements.  It gets mishmashed in with the excuse that because of that word "postponements" that when you refer to that  it covers all the discussions of postponements.  Let's gather a new word out of what I sent you and call it "inconveniences".   This is the new phrase I will now use to describe to you what the question is that keeps getting thrown back as postponements.   The 7/19 refers the the 7 years in which there is another calendar month added every 19 years in order to make sure that seasons come out according to monthly shortages for days per year based on monthly orbits.  This is used to start the confusion of accepting the idea of "postponements".  The Actual calculation starts with God's year starting in the spring.  Calculating the number of months and days from that Spring month. (New Moon).  And then counting months by the moon.


The article I sent on Phil Whitson... indicated that there are many of us that follow the rule of inconveniences. The church follows inconveniences.  Inconveniences means we change the Holy days in the fall, not to fit the new moon cycle but to fit the schedule so it is not inconvenient to have a Holy Day on the wrong day of the week.  The week,  the week, the week not the month.  So it is not inconveniently placed on a day of preparation.   It would be inconvenient.

Phil Whitson... indicated that there are many of us that follow the rule of inconveniences. The church follows inconveniences.  Inconveniences. We should never follow postponement as it is not scriptural.  We have had may a discussion on this subject and why it was first created.   Seems that the Jews did not want a back to back Sabbath  and Set apart day so they decided to create postponement. One person told me that it was given to the Jews the keeping of the Calendar and thus the Authority to change it. HOG WASH!!!!! No one has the right.  Not even the Son would take on such a issue without approval from the Father. In short, do not observe postponement as it is not even in the scriptures to properly discuss and debate.


I know we observe inconveniences like we did in previous years.  It is not really in the overall question of 7/19 postponement months.


I was questioning the following of Jewish traditions in the area of inconveniences.  Clarification would help, now that we have re-defined the area of study.  We did not follow inconveniences years ago when I was young.  We follow inconveniences now.  We lap inconveniences with postponements and the discussion is neither the same nor co-related.   I studied the calendar in AC also.  But we spent very little time if any on inconveniences or the area I am describing.  When two areas of discussion are confusing, we define in our English language 2 words that often get thrown together in the same discussion.  So I now define putting a HD's on Fri as inconveniences.


Inconveniences are not oracles.  Inconveniences are traditions that the Jews used to define their belief system.  Oracles are the oral preservation of the OT (many through traditions) not the Jewish definition and interpretation of the scripture.


This has little to do with salvation but only discussion.  As we study and pray to draw closer to God, we get our nose in the book and we then study to show ourselves approved to God not man.  If we were able to draw closer to God by keeping, serving or worshiping closer to what His instructions are, then we must.  If we are wrong, we change.  Change is often more important than stubbornness, or the willingness thereof.   So we look and study deeper.

I hope to write more articles, not to prove a point, only to aid in the study of both sides.