The Argument that Protesting Children say about their Creator.
By Steve Grabowski (Edited)
Stephen Grabowski

Q:    So they tell you the Law is done away, because Jesus died for our sins,
therefore we no longer need to keep the law.  We are not under the law.

A:    Okay, based on that, let's see if it's compatible with the scriptures.

1)   They say we need salvation, that is, to be saved.

What do we need to be "saved" from?  The penalty of our sins, of course!

2)   The wages of sin is death.  That's what we earn for sinning - DEATH. 
That's why Christ died for us, to pay OUR penalty which we incurred by
sinning:  death!  He died and paid OUR penalty for us.  So far, so good!

3)   So what is SIN?  What do we do that brings this penalty on us?  (1 John
3:4)  Sin is the  transgression (not keeping) (breaking) of THE LAW.  When we break God's law, we sin, and incur the penalty (eternal death!)

4)   Now, my antinomian friend, if, as  you say, Jesus "nailed the law to
the cross",  (or by any other argument)  the law is no longer binding on us,
and there is no longer any death penalty for breaking God's law...

Then we NO LONGER NEED TO BE SAVED!  If we don't earn death or any other
penalty for breaking the ten commandments, then WHY DO WE NEED TO BE SAVED
(WHY WOULD WE NEED A SAVIOR?)  Did Jesus die in vain?

Q:    The commandments are no longer necessary, you say. 

A:    Fair enough.  Then why did Jesus give his life for US, knowing that we would be under no penalty for breaking his law 2,000 years after he abolished it???  Are you always
this logical?

Why, I ask, my dear antinomian pastor, should I attend your church and hear
YOU preach salvation? 

Salvation from WHAT???  Forgiveness, you say? 
Forgiveness from WHAT???   Did I miss something?  Have you forgotten what Salvation means?
Could it mean being Saved?  Unmerited Pardon from What?  Might it be from breaking a law?

When you start messing with the truth (the message of Jesus Christ), you
start contradicting yourself. 

Jesus and His apostles preached obedience to God and his commandments from the beginning of John the Baptist's ministry,  all through Jesus' ministry all the way to the end of John's life.  Every
true servant of Jesus Christ has done the same ever since.  All the rest are
wolves and hirelings (see John chapter 10.)

Which are you - a shepherd or a wolf?

copyright 2002, Steve Grabowski