The page is given in love by a Church member who is solely responsible for its content.  Therefore it is the official web site of the owner and does not represent itself to anyone else anywhere. 

Much of the general information that this individual put on his official page would unfortunately not be appropriate for a Church to maintain on their official page.  Links to other fellowships are meant for internet use only and do not necessarily reflect the opinion of the owner.  I'm also sure they don't reflect the opinion of many of  the Headquarters sites.  If you are looking for The  Living Church of God main web site it can be found at: www.livingcog.org ."  

On the various Feast pages we specifically list Hotels, Restaurants, and Places,   etc. by name in order to help people, who are unfamiliar with the area, in order to help you make good choices.  We also entertain general guidelines that might help in travel, maps, and entertainment which would not be generic enough for the Official page.   Also they only print material that they specifically write and publish.  This site may use others references, links, or material as deemed useful.  These sites are maintained as a tool for those of you who find it useful.  I hope you do.

If you see anything that could be changed or improved, or anything you would like others,  who have never been to a site that you have, please e-mail the webmaster at the bottom of this page. If you just read this message and like anything you see about this site, I would love to hear from you.  Please send me an email.  If you are one of my many wonderful friends, even better.  If you are a friendship we haven't made yet, lets do it.

It is meant as a gift of love to the Church and Fellowship.

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