Here are some links to other Web sites related to the Churches of God. They're listed here in almost alphabetical order.


7th Day Sabbath Believers Directory

Ambassador University, Big Sandy, Texas. Currently just a page saying it has closed.

Arroyo Grande, California, Global Church of God

Association for Christian Development, Founded and directed by Ken Westby. The ACD isthe outreach ministry of the Associated Churches, Inc.

Samuele Bacchiocchi, the Seventh-day Adventist professor and lecturer.

Barnabas Ministries, directed by Alan Ruth. This site links to several others related to ministries of groups and individuals in the Churches of God., created and maintained by an ex-Worldwider, this site contains issues of prophecy, chronology, NT doctrine and OT Law.

Books by Rod McQueen. Download these order forms, in .pdf format, for books by UCG elder Rod McQueen.

Christian Churches of God, directed by Wade Cox, headquartered in Australia.The CCG also has a North American conference.

Christian Educational Ministries, directed by Ron Dart. This site is specifically about CEM's radio ministry.

Christian Renewal Ministries luanches a new web site

Church of God website. David Hulme gives an audio which changes every day. The website is new and is in construction.

The Church of God. Former members of the Philadelphia Church of God.

The Church of God: The group founded in April 1998 by friends and associates of David Hulme.

Church of God Big Sandy

Church of God in Truth, Corona, Calif., founded by James Russell.

Church of God International, Tyler, Texas.

Church of God-Internationally Affiliated Associates, Philippines

Church of God Southern California

Church of God Southern Missouri

Church of God Tulsa Fellowship News of the Tulsa Fellowship with links to Fellowship Choir Ministries and Rosey Halley's prayer list.

Congregation of YHWH

Cry Aloud Cybermagazine: According to the publisher, it includes "thought-provoking articles dealing with doctrinal and prophetic issues. The main themes are to demonstrate the importance of being an Israelite and restore direction to the Work of God."

Ducky's Pub & Village. Ducky's Pub was created to help WCG employees, past and present, and their families stay in touch with each other and others with them. News is updated almost weekly. Visit the site to find out why a Web site would be called Ducky's.

Dwight Pryor's Web site

Essays on fundamental Christianity

Eternal Church of God

The Friends and Helpers COG Forum. You are welcome to put your uplifting comments to help your Worldwide scattered brethren walk the walk.

Future Watch: Prophecy Comes Alive

Garner Ted Armstrong Evangelistic Association

Giving & Sharing. Check this link to see the latest from Richard Nickels as well as the Bible Sabbath Association.

Global Church of God Split Page "It is fairly unbiased, unlike other Web sites, and posts both sides of the issues­unlike others" ­Brian Hostelton

God's Church, Worldwide: Herbert W. Armstrong took the true gospel in power into every nation and still the Church is not ready for Christ's return. Are you ready? The commission of God's Church, Worldwide is to prepare the Bride. Time is short! Free Introductory Packet Available.

International Bible Learning Center, the distance-learning Bible school headed by former AU president Donald Ward. The IBLC was founded by board members John Robinson, John Merritt, John-Barry Skidmore and Dale Stogner. Recently a new board member, Linda Hardy White, was added.

Intercontinental Church of God.

In Transition: News of the Churches of God. In Transition published 22 issues, from May 1995 through January 1997. This site contains many of the articles that ran in In Transition in its almost two years.

Victor Kubik, who conducts a ministry to keep track of and help the Sabbatarian brethren in Ukraine and Tajikistan. Check here for the latest information. Mr. Kubik is also a member of the council of elders of the United Church of God, an International Association.

Living Church of God

Marie's Library contains about 30 articles.

Music for the Church of God: music for all flavors of the Sabbath Keeping Church of God

The 'official' Mystery of the Ages website for those who would like to read or re-read this work of Mr. Armstrong

Prayer E-mail List. To subscribe send e-mail to: (No Subject.) In the body of the message write: Subscribe friends list (formerly, featuring lots of articles, and a 24-hour news section with news the "media keeps quiet".

Servants' News, published by Norman Edwards, who recently moved his operation from from Arkansas to Michigan.

Swedish Sabbatarian Bible study websites

Mark Tabladillo, a WCG member. Mr. Tabladillo's site has much WCG information and various links.

Translation interface. Translate any Web page­a service of the Web Evangelism Guide.

United Church of God, with its home office in Arcadia, Calif., was founded May 1, 1995 at a conference in Indianapolis, Ind.

Worldwide Assembly of YHWH

Worldwide Church of God, Pasadena, Calif.